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Group Training

We offer group training for groups of 5 people or more.

The 7 essentials topics for the new business owner

• What constitutes being self-employed
• Legal status
• Business registration
• Sales tax registration
• Expenses and basic bookkeeping practices
• Income tax and payroll taxes
• Incorporations

How to do your bookkeeping in 7 easy steps

At the beginning:
• Scheduling 1 hour a month and conduct assessment (what do you REALLY need to track)
• Establishing revenue and expense categories
• Preparing folders (paper or electronic)

• Quick and easy filing – on the go
• Adding up receipts
• Entering in spreadsheet
• Reviewing monthly activities

Does this sound like something your group could benefit from?

C&S Poitras

Tools and Simple Bookkeeping Training for Canadian Entrepreneurs

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