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CM12 – Simplified Bookkeeping Workbook


Stop putting it off!

You don’t need a complicated software! These simple and easy to use workbooks are the perfect solution.

See how easy it is to use, watch the video :

Bookkeeping Workbook

Revenues and Expenses; Do less, not more! Totals by category per month, not detailed entries.

Vehicle expenses: It’s not complicated, and it doesn’t take long.

GST/HST : Nothing to do here, the total you have to pay or get back is calculated for you.

Tax calculator : Need to figure out amounts when taxes were included? No sweat; use the built-in tax calculator.

Quarterly: Automated quarterly totals; see how your business is doing at a glance.

Income statement: Keep an eye on your net income all year long.

You will:

  • Know how much you are making
  • Know how much you are spending
  • Know how much GST/HST to put aside

With the purchase of the CM12 for 2020, you will receive:

  • The CM12 Tool for your province registered to the GST/HST and not registered.
  • The 2020 Kilometre Log.
  • PF12 Tool – You have no idea how much you’ll have to pay in income tax? The PF12 tool will give you a snapshot of what to expect.
  • Tax table.

The links below bring you to our online training site. For the year 2020, we added short videos to guide you. (Please note that the prices quoted on the training site are taxes included.)

CM12 Ontario 2020

CM12 Quebec 2020

CM12 Other Provinces/Territories 2020

It doesn’t have to be complicated, small unincorporated businesses CAN keep it simple.

For the 2019 version, make your selection below:

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Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Yukon

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